Premium Agricultural Commodities, Inc., otherwise known as PACI, takes pride in being a part of the changing world around us by producing quality products. Producing these products from a healthy environment reflects our commitment to agriculture and the world around us.


Profitable farms producing high quality products from a healthy environment for a changing world.


The mission of PACI is to provide services to its members.

PACI uses the consolidated volume of its members to enhance their individual profitability through discounted buying of inputs, premium marketing of outputs, adaptation of mutually beneficial technology, and facilitation of the free and open exchange of information of members.


We value:

  • High ethics & integrity
  • Impeccable credit
  • Our employees
  • Cooperation
  • Comradery
  • Environmental stewardship
We will:
  • Consolidate our strengths in the marketplace
  • Share equally in operational costs
  • Operate on a cash basis
  • Provide members equal access to all services
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, information, and technology



Progressive, profitable, mutually-beneficial partnership. Today's agri-business climate demands it ... and PACI delivers it.

The partnership among PACI members strengthens the buying, production, and marketing power of each individual member.

The partnership between PACI and its suppliers creates outstanding opportunities for both groups - opportunities to try new technologies, share critical information, and learn from real-world conditions.

And the partnership between PACI and its customers yields premium quality products delivered to a wide variety of markets.

Dedication to our partnerships helps everyone win.


Experienced, dedicated, knowledgeable producers. PACI knows how. We've been at it for over 20 years.

Contract after contract, reliability is a partner-driven, partner-assured requirement throughout.

With more than 100,000 acres of prime Ohio cropland in the hands of conscientious, financially-sound producers, reliability is assured in the marketplace and end user.

PACI combines only exacting inputs with our growing know-how. Precision farming techniques, state-of-the-art technology, and proven management methods from pre-planting to delivery assure top quality throughout the cycle.


Aggressive, focused, and future oriented actions. PACI works to shape the future for our partners.

Constant interaction with our partners keeps their needs at our forefront. Applied research in our producers' fields provides a constant stream of practical information and feedback. Links to university research and commercial R & D sites tie us to the latest developments. Shifting political landscapes require constant scrutiny, and dialogue with public policymakers.

Enacting solutions with all our constituents takes priority at PACI. We're involved.


Long-term, care-giving reverence for the land. It's where the circle of life begins for PACI.

PACI knows the health of the land itself determines the quality of the life it supports. What goes into it meets strict quality controls and precise application standards. Sophisticated field and crop monitoring technology and a variety of tillage practices assure proper care for the land. Crop residue management, erosion control, disease prevention, and soil building practices work together to keep the soil healthy and productive now and in the future.

PACI treats the soil as if life depends on it ... because it does.




Member Services Premium Agricultural Commodities, Inc provides a variety of services to its members throughout the year. Some of these services include:

  • Educational meetings throughout the year
  • Data management and processing
  • Grain marketing
  • Timely information about industry events and emerging technologies
  • Media Development including web design, photography and project portfolios
  • Consolidated purchasing and selling opportunities